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Information in English

Stjørdal kulturskole is a municipal service, which offers education in music, dance, theatre, and visual arts.
The lessons take place in the schools within the municipality, and in Kimen kulturhus in the town centre of Stjørdal.
The lessons are aimed at children and young people up to 20 years of age, living in Stjørdal municipality.

All students pay tuition fees (see below), and students in dance, drama and visual arts pay an additional material fee which covers, among other things, use of costumes and other distributed materials.
We give discounts to students taking multiple lessons, as well as to siblings of other students.
We have some intruments available for rent, mainly flutes, pocket trumpets and violins.
In exceptional circumstances, we take in adult students (over the age of 20). These students pay double tuition fees.

It is possible to apply for reduced payment on the basis of the family's total income. Information about this will be provided to all students at the beginning of each semester.

List of prices:
Tuition fee 2297 NOK
Tuition fee; visual arts and pocket trumpet 3387 NOK
Multicourse discount/Sibling discount - NOK 524
Material fee 154 NOK                                                                                                           

Instrument rent fee 301 NOK
Tuition fee, adults 4596 NOK

All prices are per term.

Contact information: